Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tissue Box Spy Camera

The use of spy camera equipment is on the rise and we are seeing various new models manufactured. So, what items are we noticing spy cameras incorporated into? One of the top new products to make its way onto the market, one that is generating a massive amount of customer attention is the tissue box camera:

This ingenious new product is a motion sensitive camera / recorder with a integral battery that lasts for up to a week on a full charge. The camera is capable of capturing images in really low light levels and storing the captured data onto a 32GB SD memory card,meaning, it is capable of holding numerous hours of video and audio data. This inconspicuous in appearance hidden camera can be situated in a strategic position around the home and can capture all the video and audio information within the vicinity over a time scale of several days. Removing the SD card and playing it back on any Personal Computer will allow you to review any untoward behaviour caught by the hidden camera.

This definitely appears to be one for the ladies on the ground that most men do not give a second though to tissue boxes. So watch out lads, your wives and or girlfriends and we all know there are plenty of 'bunny boilers' out there, could be watching your every move and listening to every word you say.

If you intend to use spy cameras you need to have an awareness of the local laws associated with the application of covert cameras, in most cases if you need the recordings for legal evidence the footage will not be admissible in a court of law.

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